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The firewood that ends up on fires and in the stoves of our customers has been through a 5-step process.

Sourcing and transportation. Only wood from sustainably managed UK woodland is used. Bulk transport is used to collect and transport the timber to our North Essex yard.  

Processing. Our refined process sees the delivered timber turned into a clean and uniform product.

Drying. This is where the firewood undergoes the final stages of the all important "seasoning". Stored in a loose state in our barns until it reaches the optimum moisture content, making for optimal burning.

Quality assurance and bagging.  Each sack is filled by hand to ensure that the final product is the perfect size for your fireplace, and quality for your fire.

Doorstep delivery. In order to minimise the environmental impact, deliveries are grouped geographically, although we do our level best to be as flexible as possible. The sacks are craned off our small lorry into the most convenient position as is practical.